Privacy Services For Law Enforcement - By Law Enforcement
Privacy Services For Law Enforcement - 
By Law Enforcement 
If you submit an opt-out for me, aren’t you confirming I’m an officer? 
No. When we submit an opt-out for you we don’t identify you as an officer. If fact, when we submit an opt-out for you, we don’t provide any information they don’t already have. 
How can I trust you? 
I retired after 25 years with a large law-enforcement agency in California and my last few years I specialized in digital forensics. After law enforcement I continued my work in forensics for an e-Discovery firm and a very large corporation. I often used these people-search sites in connection with my cases. 

This reminded me of the danger officer’s face by having their address visible to anyone with an internet connection. I also know a few software languages so I wrote some code to speed up the process of opting out of these sites as well as being able to monitor these sites. I’ve done this many times for family and friends and I wanted to find a way to expand this privacy protection to all officers. is my answer.

I would do this for free, but there are costs associated with the programs I use, and the people I hire deserve to be compensated. So I have to charge a fee, but I think it’s very reasonable. 
Is my data safe with 
Yes. For clients of, only active or retired law-enforcement employees will see your information. Also, your data is compartmentalized from other employees within We take privacy seriously.   

Second, we keep minimal data about you. The data we do store is encrypted with a very strong password and two-factor authentication is used on everything. Also, when your data is being transmitted, it is encrypted.  
Can’t I do this myself?
Yes. You can also give yourself a haircut or represent yourself in court. 

Look, it would take several hours to go to each of these 30 sites and complete the process. Some of these opt-outs are online only, some require a confirmation email, some requiring drafting an email with specific language, some require creating an account, and some require a real cell phone number. 

After all that, not all remove you the first time you ask. Some require follow up and we do that for you. 

Then there is the monitoring. Yes, you could go to these sites every day to make certain you didn't show up again, but you have better things to do. 
Can you explain what you do again?
Right now there is a connection between your name and your address that can be found by anybody with access to the internet. I remove you from the top 30 people-search sites which will break the connection between your name and your address. That’s the goal.
Can you hide me from the government?
No. I don’t hide you from the government, or google (or put you in a secret witness program). Both the government and google have databases I can’t remove you from. If you need to hide from the government, this service is not for you. 
Can you remove my spouse/domestic partner/significant other who lives as the same address?
Yes, and if you sign up your loved one when you initially sign up, they will receive a 25% discount from the removal service.
I have two separate residences. Can I be removed from both?
Yes, just sign up like a spouse, with your name and the different address. This way you will also be entitled to receive the 25% discount. 
I'm moving soon. Can you help?
Yes, send me your new address and we'll start monitoring that address. When you show up, we'll remove you. This service is included with monitoring.  
I'm not in law enforcement. Will you remove me from these sites?
Yes, everyone deserves privacy. Sign up and you will be removed.  
The Internet Stole Your Privacy.
It's Time To Take It Back.
Copyright 2019 - - All rights reserved.
A portion of every sales goes directly to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.
The Internet Stole Your Privacy.
It's Time To Take It Back.
Copyright 2019 - - All rights reserved.
A portion of every sale goes directly to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.